Alex Walling

Computer Science Student - University of Colorado Boulder

My Projects


I am the co-founder and co-director of HackCU.   HackCU 2015 was the first ever HackCU and the first major collegiate Hackathon in the rockie mountain region.   I am very proud of the work my team and I did this year and what we have accomplished.

Sharked Graphics

A couple years ago I go interested in graphic design so I began to teach myself.   I began learning 3D animation(Cinema 4D), logo design(Photoshop & Illustrator),  &  Film Making(Final Cut Pro).   My friends nickname for me is "Shark" and so my graphic design name is Sharked Graphics.   Here is some of my work.


I am a computer science major at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I have written programs for school, hackathons, work, and for fun. It is something I enjoy doing and here are a few of the programs I have written.